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The round table has a hole! Hole with 70 magical sticks! Knights of 70 nights are owning it! It's dificult to reason meantion about this time and future what is incoming! Goodness is incoming from inside when you know something about figth or magic! Magic weapons gover to theese World by strogly voice with help of nature!
What comes in must come out!!! It's old magic of sex and weapon! Using of World or Worlds can be understand like magic of insanity - insanity of Satan's account to World! Man (or woman ;o) ) is coming to true - to true of incoming end! End of fear, end of life, end of love or end of Worlds!!!
I really want you!!!! MAN - SO COME ON... ;o)


Morning - the birth of a day - the day of a Next! Next things of a birth. Birth of a day - day of ME! Have a nice day of ME...

ArabieN VideO And photo of lesboss.orG And simbiotic photO

... so take it easy not like Sword - in this case is time for World!!!

Muttagen: cfsaretyre_bmjgsypidr_vtuascrtzd_... and anything else to51 - anything can be created, but tryed to be good or in best way - BEST FOR BEST WISHES... ;oB

... really clear...

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